Window Replacement

If eyes are the windows to the soul, what are windows? The eyes of a home?

Like eyes, they do open and close. And when they're 60-year old single pane aluminum frame jobs, they even weep.

This condensation is a bad sign of how inefficient they are, and the corresponding high heating bills are enough to make us cry. We should have replaced them first thing, but I got sort of strung along by this guy who kept dangling some nice windows initially advertised as "free" in front of me, and even after I agreed to pay for them he never set a price or timeline, so Sarah finally sourced various bargains on five used double pane 4x6 vinyls--two picture and three sliders. 

This is the second one I replaced in the past week. The first went a lot easier but in any event the effect on the indoor temperature was immediately apparent. It feels warmer already and the heaters are running much less frequently. Winning!

It was all handtools on deck for window extraction and to expand rough opening. Makita party!

Two down, three to go, and we still need to find a few more smaller ones, but this has been a good start.

Wasteful as they were, the aluminum windows won't go to waste. I'll reĆ¼ze them to build a small greenhouse along with the pressure treated 4x4s posts salvaged from the goatpen takedown.

Here's looking at you!


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