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Catio Build Day One: Peeling It Back

Sunny and Patchouli are littermates, born in a Minnesota barn, adopted by us at about 5 months. For kitties who've tasted the freedom to roam, they seem content being indoor only. They have to be, because cats are not the top predators they think they are. There's plenty that could get them here: eagles, coyotes, maybe even a mountain lion--though a tough raccoon would be bad enough. All the neighbors have warned us to keep them inside. They know first-hand the feline body count is high. But we still want them to have some form of outdoor access, so we're converting the back upper deck into a catio by building up and screening it in.    Note the gray (formerly white) fascia board where railing posts are attached. (Foreshadowing!) The balustrade segments were attached with six or so nails each.  Easiest way to remove was to cut them out with recip saw. They'll be reinstalled later between taller posts. I don't expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but too many vide

"Functions fine."

I got this manual push mower off a free list. It was described as "functions fine" but it didn't. When I looked to youtube for how-to repair answers, I didn't find any so I figured it out and thought it might be worth sharing what I learned. I'm not claiming to be an expert and these are probably not best practices for safety, so don't follow my example too closely. If you have advice for how this could be done better or with more accurate vocabulary, please comment below. Thanks and watch your fingers!