What's It Tahuya?

Things happened fast here last Fall.

So fast I forgot I even made this video of a late November weekend trip to move some stuff out and hang a couple of interior doors scored via craigslist/free.

It wasn't the most productive visit as I spent a good amount of time by the water, watching a seal circle in on a bunch of languid salmon that were so close to shore I could have grabbed 'em.

This video is kind of long and slow. Shots linger in silence. Not much happens. That's sort of the point.

I'd been juggling so many things on a tight schedule, racing back and forth from Seattle, that I needed a breather. And a big part of why we moved here is to tune in to nature and settle into its rhythms.

And, outside of being on a Washington State Ferry, where else are you going to hear the safety announcement in its entirety? To those who sit through patiently to the end, I salute you!

 Doesn't it feel nice to slow down?


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