Kitty Corner

Every day starts and ends with cats. They wake us up when they want breakfast, and after they eat they crawl under the covers for a snuggle session while we drink coffee in bed. At some point we begin work and they are interested and eager participants, unfazed by the noise and commotion. Rather, they resent being sidelined and seek to breach whatever barriers we put in place to keep them out of harm's way.

They were especially indignant about the plastic cordone keeping them out of the kitchen, so at their purrsistent insistence I catproofed the area and removed the wall. Once it was down, they asserted authority over their expanded jurisdiction and supervised my every move with their trademark micromanagement style.

The next goal was a simple one--prep this little corner of the kitchen so we could bring the fridge in from the unheated, unlit garage. But of course, nothing is ever that simple here. The weirdly angled partition wall had some extraneous framing I had to cut out with a recip saw, and the ceiling joists overhead needed to be reinforced where a portion had been removed to accommodate the original chimney (long gone). Once the framing was brought up to snuff, I stuffed Safe N Sound batts between the studs and buttoned it up with a sheet of drywall, scored on back and bent to fit the odd angle.

By the time I finished it was too late to bother with moving the fridge, so that would have to wait, but I felt I'd earned my ice cream reward--which of course attracted the interest of my boss.

Please enjoy? This ice creams, and as well a bot-generated article all about them!



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